Further Reading on Transcending Religious Borders

  • July 05, 2016

How Africa Is Changing Faith Around the World by: Philip Jenkins

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Recommendations from Trend Essayist Philip Jenkins

Philip Jenkins is distinguished professor of history at the Institute for Studies of Religion at Baylor University.

  • Afe Adogame, The African Christian Diaspora (Bloomsbury, 2013)
  • John Allen, The Future Church: How Ten Trends are Revolutionizing the Catholic Church (New York: Doubleday, 2009).
  • Jehu Hanciles, Beyond Christendom: Globalization, African Migration and the Transformation of the West (Orbis Books, 2009) 
  • Philip Jenkins, The Next Christendom 3rd edition (Oxford University Press, 2011)
  • Ruth Marshall, Political Spiritualities: The Pentecostal Revolution in Nigeria (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2009)
  • Pew-Templeton Global Religious Futures Project, The Future of World Religions