Trend Quiz: Do You Know How Africa Could Change the Future of Religion?

  • July 05, 2016


Much of the world—especially an increasingly secularized Europe—is losing its attachment to religion due to trends in population growth and family size. But population growth, and religious devotion, is growing in Africa. And that has implications for faiths around the world, especially as Africans leave their home countries and settle elsewhere.

Test your awareness of this rapidly shifting trend with the following questions.

? Half of black Africans converted to Christianity or Islam in the 20th century. They favored Christianity over Islam by what ratio? + 4-to-1 - 3-to-1 - 2-to-1 - 6-to-1 ? In 1900, less than 1 percent of Catholics worldwide were African. As of 2000, this proportion was nearing how much? - 5 percent - 12 percent - 23 percent + 16 percent ? How many of the 20 most populous nations in 2050 will be African? - 1 + 6 - 3 - 10 ? Which technological method has helped spur evangelism in Nigeria and Africa as a whole? - Internet access + Videos - Cellphone coverage - Social media ? What African church is growing so rapidly that it may soon be considered a new global denomination? - Universal African Christian Church - Christian Alliance of Nigeria - African Christian Alliance + Nigerian Redeemed Christian Church of God ? What U.S. city is described as the “Nigerian capital of America” because of its numerous African churches? - Atlanta - San Antonio + Houston - Austin